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Frequently Asked Questions

During my years of practicing family medicine, I have been dedicated to serving the medical needs of all my patients. The most gratifying aspect of my practice has been the relationships that I have developed with my patients and their families. Many of my patients have been with me for years. For this I feel most fortunate and grateful. As a result of my dedication to serving the need of all my patients, my practice has grown very large. Despite working harder and harder, it has become increasingly more difficult to deliver comprehensive care in a timely and unhurried manner.
The fee schedule is as follows; First adult member will be $2,400.00. A second adult member will be $1,400.00. Juvenile members (ages 5-15) shall each be $700.00. Family packages with more than 3 individuals with lower fees will be available upon request.
There is no specific number. What is important is that the quantity will be limited in order for each patient to receive the highest level of service possible from the physician. Until the Private Medical Care practice is full, Dr. Poormehr will still be able to see you if you have PPO insurance or prefer to render cash for your visit. Only after the practice has been filled will Dr. Poormehr then dedicate 100% of his time to the Private Medical Care patients
We are not certain in regard to a specific date, but enrollment is continuing and we anticipate that the Private Medical Care practice will fill up soon. When the practice is full, Dr. Poormehr will then dedicate 100% of his time to the private practice patients.
Yes. In addition, unlike most other Private/Concierge/Boutique medical practices, any and all acute injuries which can be treated in an office setting shall be included.
No. Dr. Poormehr will continue to see PPO and cash paying patients until his Private Medical Care enrollment has been completed. Although we have not forecasted an exact date, you will be given adequate notice.
Probably so.The Annual Fee is for the services listed on this website. These might not be considered insurance covered services.However, as a courtesy to you, we can try to satisfy any insurance deductible during each of your office visit.
YES -- for major medical expenses, specialist care and hospitalizations.
The Annual Fee is for the Private Medical Care services listed on this website which are not considered to be those usually covered by insurance plans.
You need to set your health and wellness priorities in proper order. An additional $200.00 per month may seem like a great deal of money but many people will spend even more on discretionary expenditures during the same period of time. You deserve the quality of care that Dr. Poormehr is offering you. We encourage you to prioritize your health.
You will have access to Dr. Poormehr by cell phone 24/7. He can still guide the health care decision making, even when he cannot see you in the office. It is therefore unlikely that you will not be able to reach Dr. Poormehr. However, if he is unreachable, then he will select another physician to substitute for him until he can return your call. That physician shall then be directly accountable to Dr. Poormehr.
Dr. Poormehr will see you if you walk in, but you may have to wait until he first sees the patients who have made appointments. It is preferable to make an appointment so that you do not have to wait.
The older you get, the more likely you are to need to see a doctor on an increasingly frequent bases. Our Private Medical Care model gives you open access to the doctor. You receive the care that you want and deserve.
The Annual Fee can be refunded on a prorated basis, but not after the Annual Wellness Exam has been performed. Your records will be copied and forwarded to your new physician as soon as we receive your written authorization to do so.